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The Taylor Racing Story


Over 20 years ago, Taylor Racing was started with one bike, a small pick-up truck and a deep love of racing, competition and motorcycles. Over the years, Taylor Racing has competed across North America aboard Ducatis. Some of the events include Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Associations endurance series, multiple series with the Calgary Motorcycle Road Racing Association, where in 2008 we won both the Ducati cup and Open Thunder series championships.

Numerous rounds at club level series throughout the northern United States including a wildcard appearance at the 2009 FIM World Super Sport round at Miller Motorsport Park in Utah.

Since 2006, Taylor Racing has also been involved in mentoring new riders and supporting the race community here in southern Alberta.

In 2006, Taylor Racing organized the Ducati Cup, a series based on the very popular European 848 Challenge Cup. In 2007, after much hard work, the first successful season was held racing at the Race City complex in Calgary. It continued with great support until the closure of Race City in 2011.

Taylor Racing also worked closely with Brad Gavey’s racing school, providing guest instructors as well as with Ducati North America during events at Edmonton’s Stratotech Racing complex. During the 2015 season, Taylor Racing competed in the EMRA’s Formula Thunder series, returning to the podium once again.

Regardless of the many different roads that led us to where we are now, the Taylor Racing team is driven by the desire to continually compete at higher level—providing our sponsors with quality exposure, building race and road bikes of uncompromising quality to our customers, and offering specialty services to Ducatista.

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Ryan Taylor

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