Meet the Team

Ryan Taylor


Ryan Taylor sat on his first bike at the age of six and since that time motorcycles and racing grew into a lifelong passion. Most of his teens were spent on the amateur scene and in 1994 Taylor Racing was founded.  From that point he started his climb and then in 1997 he was offered a chance to go pro and never looked back. He spent most of that time attending races all across Canada and the Western United States. One of his most notable achievements was in 2008 where he won two straight CMRA championships (the Ducati Cup and Open Thunder).

These wins lead to a wildcard appearance in Utah at the FIM World Super Sport event.  Although due to an unfortunate mechanical issue, he was unable to finish the race. The team headed back to Calgary to repair and regroup undaunted to abandon their determination to be on the track. Since then, Taylor Racing has been near the forefront of Superbike racing in Western Canada and the Western United States for many years.

His off track passion lies in bringing the community and the younger generations to the track. Starting in 2006, preparations began to host the Ducati Cup in Calgary and were officially launched in the spring of 2007. The race brought people nationwide, and was a sought after event for many years until the City of Calgary closed the Race City Motorsport Park in 2011 due to city expansion. Our team then changed focus from an event holder to mentoring and instructing.  We have always been keen to teach and share our experiences with anyone willing to jump on a bike, from kids to adults. We take our knowledge of the track to instructing at schools such as BGPR in Calgary, Hardnox in Nisku, as well as with Ducati North America.  Bringing our love and passion of this motorsport to many who dreamed of one day being on a race track themselves.